Our vision at Pita Barcelona

Aniceto and Daniel believe that being an independent watchmaker is about following one’s convictions without fear. An independent watchmaker must deliver unseen functionalities that might challenge the status-quo. Invent the impossible and patent it. Also requires continuously surprising collectors avoiding focus solely on financially profitable creations. And ultimately, the watchmaker should follow a holistic creation process, allowing fully customisation to deliver true bespoke timepieces.

Self taught in watchmaking, Aniceto’s knowledge has been gradually obtained since he opened his own watchmaking and jewellery atelier in 1971. Over the years, his artisan techniques have been complemented by state of the art tools, with the ultimate objective of bringing his ideas to life and sharing his passion in watchmaking with any enthusiast.

In 2005, Aniceto was the first watchmaker worldwide to start applying magnetism techniques within a mechanical timepiece, patenting two of its ideas to contribute to the innovation in mechanical horology. Our journey has just started, this is only the beginning.

Combining tradition and innovation

Being an independent watchmaker is about hand making unique watches; therefore Aniceto allows customization to a higher extent, giving freedom of choice in every element of the watch, to deliver one of-a-kind timepieces from his traditional atelier.

Every creation by Pita has its own personal appeal and is crafted with a unique purpose, ranging from the Carousel where the whole movement rotates in its own axis to tell time, to the 5000m water resistant Oceana dive watch with two patented systems.

Innovation is the key to success. For this reason, at Pita Barcelona, we consider imperative to research and contribute to the field of horology with our ideas, patents and designs. Our traditional atelier is complemented by the horological laboratory, filled with state-of-the-art tools, such as CAD / CAM design and CNC tool management, with the ultimate goal of unleashing our creativity and being self-sufficient at every step of the creative watchmaking process . This is the only way to realize any of our ideas in watchmaking and thus share our passion with any enthusiast.

Inspired by Barcelona

Since the city inception as a Roman colony more than 2000 years ago, Barcelona offers a wide range of architecture, being Gaudi one of the most notorious architects. His vision of Modernisme (Art Nouveau) has covered the city with different shapes and organic designs.

This unique architecture complemented with the richness of a top European city, its world renowned cuisine, and many others all have influenced our work, reflecting an authentic Mediterranean character in every timepiece.

The Founders

Aniceto Jiménez Pita

Master Watchmaker
AHCI Member

Daniel Jiménez Pastor

CEO & Brand designer


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