Our Patents


In 2004, Aniceto released his first patent, the Pita-TSM (Time Setting Mechanism), a complete redevelopment of the traditional winding system, isolating time keeping within the movement from time setting and winding functionality.

Looking externally to any Pita Barcelona timepiece, the crown has disappeared, but are the changes inside the movement that set this invention apart.

Since the origin of watchmaking, time setting, winding and time keeping functionalities are tightly coupled, and this fact arises several problems and limitations. One is affecting the movement when setting the time backwards, as the user applies a force opposite to the normal direction of gears, eventually stopping the movement. A second limitation is locking the movement within the case: by eliminating this restriction, an unseen slow-motion tourbillon movement such as the Carousel, that rotates in its own axis within the case, can be a reality. And a third big issue is the necessity of physically connecting the crown to the movement by a series of components, drilling the case to allow time setting and winding.

This latter issue has a critical impact on dive watches. Water and air can always travel from outside the case to the inside through the crown hole, ruining the mechanics. And partial solutions such as screwed-crowns or gaskets do not eliminate the issue, just minimise it: gaskets do need to get replaced constantly and crown can be accidentally left unscrewed. This makes water-entry issue a common problem, as the root of the problem is still unsolved.


Our second patent Pita-RT (Remote Transmission) addresses this issue. Built on the foundations of Pita-TSM, it features a state-of-the art magnetic gear that remotely sets the time and winds the watch remotely. With this system created in 2005, every gear not involved in time keeping is removed from the movement, and integrated in the smart case.

An external magnetic gear found in the outer TSM disk (our special crown) connects to an internal magnetic gear, allowing transmission of movement from a distance with no need of drilling a hole in the case. Magnetic gears are shielded so the magnetism force is directed and without a negative effect on the spiral or other sensitive parts. Water issues are completely eliminated, and helium-release valve are not needed either, as no air comes inside and no gas needs to be liberated from the inside. And as no gaskets are used to prevent water leak, there is no need to replace and service gaskets or check for water resistance.

The new released Steam and Oceana models are our creations featuring this technology. Water resistance up to five thousand meters can be achieved, and water entry issues and maintenance problems are a thing of the past.


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